AWH Meeting with Candidates, May 17, 2018

I am the current chair for Advancement Women Halton (AWH) and we were pleased to host a Halton Provincial Candidates session at our monthly meeting. Thanks to all the candidates who participated and the members of AWH who came out. It was unfortunate the PC party was not represented at this session and they were invited. Get involved attend an all candidates session and vote wisely in the upcoming provincial election.

                                                                    Ancilla Ho-Young, Chair

Advancement of Women Halton hosted an all candidates meeting. Thanks to the 3 NDP and 3 Liberal candidates for showing up and engaging in a conversation on the issues. All 3 PC’s were no show. AWH members will be be sharing that lack of respect with the 20+ Halton organizations we represent.

Maureen Weinberger

Wonderful afternoon with AWH as we heard from local Halton Liberal and NDP candidates. The PCs chose not to come. Our region is blessed with 3 Cabinet ministers. All 7 candidates were inspiring and inspired, both those currently serving and those who hope to be there. Interesting listening to the Cabinet ministers as they explain the real complexities of running a government.

Teri Shaw

“Via the questions posed to the political contestants who were present, it was felt that our concerns were heard and addressed. We thank them for their time and interest.”

Daniela Jansson

4 Liberals and 3 NDP at Advancement of Women Halton debate. Maybe the PCs have nothing to say to women?

Tina Agrell

AWH, our meeting with 3 Liberals and 3 NDP we invited Conservatives they did not come, sort of says something…..

Tessa House



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