We publicly recognize the ongoing tragedy inherent in Canadian society where systemic racism exists.
Racism is part of our history and, therefore, creates the conditions of the present.  We must work to eliminate its root causes.

White privilege is rooted in centuries of racism and woven into the fabric of our society.  Changing this will require a whole-of-society response.  The voices of those who have suffered racism must be central to bringing about change.  All of us however, have a responsibility to act now in support.

Systemic racism operates through self-perpetuating, reinforcing systems in health care, housing, education, employment, welfare, and criminal justice.  It is incumbent on us all to educate, speak out, support and protest in any way we can.  We recognize that visible non-violent protest is more likely to bring change.

We aspire to be allies.  AWH, as a feminist organization, will always be conscious of the unique oppression of women and girls at the intersections of race who experience both sexism and racism.  We pledge our solidarity with those struggling to address racism in all its forms in Canada and to turn that pledge into concrete actions in our own work.