DATE:                                                November 17, 2021

ITEM:                                                 Affordable Childcare for Halton Families


TO BE CONSIDERED:                   Council Meeting – November 17, 2021 ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY

MOVED BY:                                      Mayor Rob Burton

SECONDED BY:                              Councillor Sean O’Meara

WHEREAS childcare spaces in Halton and across Ontario have decreased as a result of the pandemic, and the lack of childcare spaces is a barrier to our economic recovery, and an Ontario Chamber of Commerce report, “The She-Covery Project: Confronting the Gendered Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Ontario”, confirmed that child care is simply unaffordable and/or inaccessible for too many working families in Ontario;

WHEREAS Tina Agrell from Advancement of Women Halton, wrote in the Oakville Beaver: “As Ontario lays the groundwork for recovery, the development of a quality, inclusive, and publicly funded childcare system is crucial. Why? To invest in the development of Ontario’s children; to support economic development to end the ‘she- cession’ and support the return of women to the labour force. It pays for itself through employment and income taxes; and it eliminates parent’s financial barriers to a quality and inclusive childcare system”;

WHEREAS the Federal government introduced its plan for early learning and child care in April 2021, made agreements with eight provinces and one territory and recently campaigned on delivering $10 a day care in five years or less;

WHEREAS Ontario’s Minister of Education stated in August 2021 “We’re very committed to a good deal for Ontario, but it must respond to the unique advantages of this province”;

WHEREAS the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reported that in 2020, the median cost for an infant in full-day child care in the GTA suburbs was between $17,400 and $19,300, and under the new national child care plan, parents in Halton would save $14,843 a year for an infant in 2026; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED:

THAT Halton Region supports the creation of accessible and affordable child care spaces for Halton families;

THAT Halton Region encourages the Federal government and the Ontario government to reach an equitable childcare agreement that acknowledges the provincial investment in full-day kindergarten and delivers affordable and accessible child care spaces for Ontario families;

AND THAT a copy of this resolution be sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Federal Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Premier Doug Ford, the Minister of Education for Ontario, local Members of Provincial Parliament, local Members of Parliament, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, Ontario’s Big City Mayors, the Big City Mayors Caucus (Canada), the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care and the Advancement of Women Halton.